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My life as a stove builder started while working summers in the 1970's at my grandfather's stove company, Knox Stove Works. Starting in the paint room, I was slowly introduced to all aspects of the construction of the Mealmaster cook stove. As an apprentice die maker, I learned the value that tight tolerances in construction led to a high quality and long-lived product. Interning at the porcelain enamel plant reinforced the importance of quality and detail in every aspect of the steel parts' fabrication. Through the many years of building and providing stoves, I have had the great opportunity to work with many leaders in the cook stove segment of the wood stove industry. This networking gave an education no school or book could give as years of trial and error gave these cook stove builders the wisdom to build a solid product. In working with and visiting the Amish wood cook stove factory the true craftsmanship and detail to quality is apparent in every product.


These stoves are all hand crafted by Amish craftsmen. Giving quality, durability and economy to each wood cooking stove Heco

I am very happy to offer you the these  wood cook stoves at the most competitive prices anywhere.

Giving you service and assistance drawing on my many years of wood cooking stove experience to help you with all your wood cook stove needs

The choice is up to you.

Joe Anderson

Owner, of Tennessee Stove Works.

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Our Cookstove Products

  • Model

    Cooking Surface: 46 1/2"w x 21"d
    Stove Size with Handles: 51 1/2"w x 33 1/4"d
    Height to warming shelf: 55.5"
    Oven: 21" d x 18" w x 13" h
    Firebox: 19" l x 16" w x 17" h
    Door opening: 16" w x 9.5" h
    Exhaust size: 7"

  • Model

    Wood and Coal Cook Stove
    Cooking Surface: 42 1/4" w x 21"d
    Stove Size with Handles: 47 1/4"w x 33 1/4"d
    Height to warming shelf: 55.5"
    Oven: 21" d x 18" w x 13" h
    Firebox: 19" l x 12" w x 17" h
    Door opening: 12" w x 9.5" h
    Exhaust size: 6"

  • Model

    Wood Cook Stove

    Kitchen Queen 480 Specs
    Overall size 51" L x 32" W x 32" H
    Cooking surface 43" x 21"
    Back 45" W x 23" H
    Oven 16" W x 13" H x 22" D
    Oven capacity 8 loaves
    Firebox 20" W x 18" H x 22" D
    Log Length 19"
    Firebox door 14" x 16"
    Approx. burn time 12 to 16 hours
    Approx. heating area 1500 to 2400 sq. ft
    Flue outlet size 6 inches
    Reservoir capacity 24 gallons
    Shipping weight 800 lbs.
    UL - ULC Listed 1482

    Oven: 22" d x 16.5" w x 14" h
    Firebox: 19" l x 20" w x 20" h
    Door opening: 15.5" w x 12.5" h
    Exhaust size: 7"

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Amish made Quality